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Automatic "template code" generation that allows users to quickly skeleton out the basic code structure of data-manipulation ("CRUD") apps

Link Link (source code) not-ongoing Timeframe: 10th grade Team: me and someone else


Problem & idea: Writing apps often involves writing large amounts of boilerplate code centered on data manipulation. For instance, an app might have a page for “create XYZ” / “edit XYZ” / “delete XYZ” for many different XYZ objects. Codotype automates the writing of this kind of “template code” in various programming frameworks.

Contribution: I focused on writing a module that writes code for the React framework, while my teammates focused on other frameworks such as Vue. Each module implemented a hierarchy of templates that converted the user’s desired code structure into organized files of actual code.

  • This was my first exposure to React, and I learned how it works, proper project structure, and best practices. I worked with someone much older than I was, who taught me many coding tactics that I had never seen before.
  • I learned about the power of templating languages like EJS, which later inspired me to study static site generators such as Jekyll and Hugo.