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browse math problems, loaded from the Art of Problem Solving wiki

Link Link (source code) not-ongoing Timeframe: 2016 Team: myself


Problem: The Art of Problem Solving wiki, an archive of math problems, is organized in a coherent way but has a poor interface for browsing and navigating over this data. Furthermore, printing pages of problems and solutions in bulk with satisfactory formatting from the wiki was difficult if not impossible.

Solution: The app is a more convenient way to browse the wiki. Data from the wiki is fetched as the user selects year, test, and question. Furthermore, the app provides printouts of problems/solutions that have much better formatting. This was mainly for my own personal use.


  • The wiki was user-edited and had sporadic formatting issues (missing headers, incorrectly positioned footer), which I had to work around.
  • I refactored my code structure multiple times to address issues of modularity, class inheritance structures, naming conventions, and documentation. This project taught me lots of best practices the hard way.
  • I realized that I needed to optimize and minify code assets to reduce loading times, and eventually I learned how to do this by creating a custom Webpack configuration.