Regional Coding and Algorithm Competitions: RPI & Siena

RPI: 8th of 30 as only high school student, highlighted in the event sponsor’s blog and hired as a result; Siena: 2nd (of 30 teams) two years in a row

not-ongoing Timeframe: high school Team: mostly by myself

Terminal Coding Competition at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Ranked 8th out of 30 as the only participating high school student in an algorithm-coding contest
  • Highlighted in a blog published by Correlation One, the sponsor of Terminal Coding Competition (link) (shortlink)
  • Hired as a consultant for Correlation One in designing software engineering questions used for recruiting data science talent

Siena College High School Programming Contest

  • Solved algorithm design problems onsite, placing second in the Greater Capital District region two years in a row
  • This was a team contest – lots of fun! :)

USA Computing Olympiad (USACO)

  • Ranked in silver division
  • Learned about algorithm writing