Petitions (RPI university)

a redesign of RPI university's student-petition website

Link (source code) not-ongoing Timeframe: 2019 Team: me and a few others


Currently, I am working on redesigning a website (still in progress) that will host hundreds of student petitions from RPI (a local university) and allow students to sign them.

The current website to be redesigned is here.

Problem: Although the old website has all the necessary functionality, it suffers from technical problems. The framework used is resource-inefficient and results in very slow load times, especially when navigating across pages. Furthermore, the codebase is written in a framework that is difficult to maintain and understand in general. The university’s student organization that runs the project often attracts members newer to coding, so it is important that they inherit an easy-to-maintain codebase.

Solution: We are currently rewriting the website from the ground up, using a framework that doesn’t suffer from performance or comprehensibility issues.