Work with Correlation One (contractor)

Wrote CS questionnaires. Invented research-based test writing methodology with features not found in leading commercial products such as Triplebyte

Link to employer not-ongoing Timeframe: Nov 2018-Mar 2020 Team: N/A


  • Designed software engineering questions for a data science talent recruiting platform
  • Developed new, research-based methodology for test writing with novel features not found in leading commercial products such as Triplebyte; published it on the company forum
  • Won a “Best Question” prize for writing high-quality questions
  • Reported monthly progress to Correlation One and tailored problem-writing style based on team feedback

Terminal Coding Competition at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Ranked 8th out of 30 as the only participating high school student in an algorithm-coding contest
  • Highlighted in a blog published by Correlation One, the sponsor of Terminal Coding Competition


As a contractor with Correlation One, I wrote SE problems that test programming concepts in situations mimicking real-life software development. Code comprehension and modeling possible outcomes of the code are emphasized.

  • By looking at others’ work, I figured out a set of tactics for writing software engineering questions that test the user’s ability in a balanced manner.
  • Figuring out tactics for how to write test questions was very interesting; I think this is a generally applicable skill.