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Partial contributions to the official RPI course-scheduling tool (local university)

Link Link (source code) not-ongoing Timeframe: 2018 Team: a very large team

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YACS is the main scheduling tool of RPI (a local university), developed over multiple years before I joined the team.

In 9th grade, the project was much larger than anything I had helped with before. While it was a very good learning experience, I found it challenging to contribute to new features at the time because of an overall lack of experience/knowledge. This summer though, I feel that I have gained enough experience to help out with writing some new features.

  • I learned the basics of the Angular framework.
  • I learned how to use Docker and Docker Compose effectively.
  • This was my first time working with a Linux development toolchain: Virtualbox/Ubuntu, Bash, package management such as apt, etc.